Normal / Combination

Guess what! You are perfectly normal, congratulations! Combination skin is the most common skin type out there, but knowing how to take care of your skin's particular needs in certain areas can seem daunting.

You're probably oily around your T zone, which is where you’re most likely to break out. And the rest of your skin can feel tight and dry. By focusing on a specific routine to allow your skin to balance itself out, you can find a happy medium!

For normal to dry skin under 30- we recommend our Ambrosia Collection, Poesy Exfoliant and Flora Mask.

Normal to dry over 30- Grab our Celestial products for age reversing benefits, Poesy Exfoliant, Flora and Lavish Masks.

Combination skin under 30- Go the Bliss Collection route with Poesy exfoliant and Reverie or Lavish Masks. Don't forget the Bliss Toner too!

Combo skin over 30- Pair our Bliss cleanser with the rest of the Celestial collection for best results. Add in the Poesy Exfoliant, Reverie or Lavish masks and Bliss Toner to complete your perfect routine.

If you need help dialing in your skin type or want more tips and tricks, be sure to take our skin care quiz here...there's even a bonus gift at the end!