You wash your face and expect to feel fresh and clean, but instead it feels irritated and tight. And during the dryer months like winter and fall, your skin is extra flaky and can peel easily, causing you to look red and feel itchy.

Dry skin struggles to retain natural moisture needed as a protective shield against external influences. Because of this, your skin may feel rough and look on the duller side. You may not be prone to acne, but the dehydrated feeling might seem just as difficult to manage.

Do not fret, LNL has formulated the perfect products to solve your dry skin dilemma. 

For dry skin under 30- we recommend our Ambrosia Collection, Poesy Exfoliant and Flora Mask.

For dry skin over 30- Grab our Celestial products for age reversing benefits, Poesy Exfoliant, Flora and Lavish Masks.

Not sure if you have dry skin? Take our skin type quiz here to find out and for tips and tricks...there's even a bonus gift at the end!